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This website has been created by Global Housing B.V. company, with registered offices in Amsterdam,Tilburg, Buenos Aires, New York, Chamber of Commerce number: 64358992, (hereafter to be called: “GlobalHousing”).


The Global - Housing website is the property of Global Housing B.V.. The responsible handling of user information is of great importance to GlobalHousing.


Please read these user conditions (hereafter to be called: 'Conditions') carefully before using the GlobalHousing website. In using the Global - Housing website, you indicate that you are acquainted with and accept the Conditions. If you do not agree with one or more of the Conditions, you should not make use of the Global - Housing website.


These Conditions can also be requested at the office of GlobalHousing and will digitally sent upon request with info@globalhousing.nl.


1. Permissible use

As user of the Global - Housing website, you should act and behave in every way as is expected from a responsible and careful internet user. You are not permitted to use the (contents of the) website for actions or behaviour that are contradictory to the law, public order and decency. In particular, the following actions and/or behaviour are not permitted: (a) infringement upon or other actions that breach the intellectual property rights of Global - Housing and/or third parties; (b) the making of damaging, incorrect or misleading remarks; (c) the distribution of legally prohibited material; (d) the evasion of or removal of the security of (parts of) the website. You are only permitted to download one copy of the material made available on the website for personal, non-commercial use. You are not permitted without prior written permission from Global - Housing to copy, modify, distribute or disperse, to "reverse engineer", decompile or in another manner to use and/or exploit the material made available. You are only permitted to introduce a hyperlink (a technical command that refers to the website of Global - Housing, in which the website appears in the context of Global - Housing), if Global - Housing has given prior written permission for this. Requests for making a hyperlink can be addressed to info@global-housing.nl.


If you do not adhere to the above permissible use, Global - Housing reserves the right to claim compensation from you for the damage resulting from this non-permitted use.


2. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights related to the website are held exclusively by Global - Housing and/or its suppliers. Among what is understood by intellectual property rights is all patents, brand rights, trade name rights, databank rights, model rights, domain name and other intellectual property rights in the Netherlands or elsewhere that are related to the website and Global - Housing in general, including know how and trade secrets.


You are not permitted to modify or remove any brand or recognition symbols in the material, and/or any indications regarding copyrights, trade names or other intellectual property rights, nor to modify the material in question or any parts of it, nor to copy it, nor to damage it in any way, nor to take unjustified advantage from the reputation of the intellectual property rights of Global - Housing.


In case of a breach of the intellectual property rights of Global - Housing and/or its suppliers, Global - Housing retains the right to claim compensation for any damage it may incur.


3. Liability and indemnification

Global - Housing is not liable for the content of the website, nor of that of websites that are connected in anyway to the Global - Housing website, by means of hyper(text)s for example, or met tag(s). Nor is Global - Housing liable for any damage stemming from or in relation to the use or the inability of use of material that is available on the website or is received through cookies. Global - Housing is not liable for (the content of the) services and/or information from third parties that is offered in anyway through the website of Global - Housing.


Nor is Global - Housing liable for damage resulting from the use of electronic means for communication with this website, including - but not limited to - damage as a result of non-delivery or delays in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by programs/equipment used for electronic communication and transmitting viruses. The above-given limitations of liability lapse if the damage is intentional or the result of gross negligence.


Global - Housing does not guarantee that any of the information provided on the website is up-to-date, complete and/or accurate. Nor does Global - Housing guarantee that any of the information provided on the website is without errors, deficiencies and/or viruses. Nor does Global - Housing guarantee that such errors and/or deficiencies on the website will be repaired or that the viruses will be removed.


In case of doubt about the accuracy of the information or if inaccuracies are found, we advise you to make contact with the source of the information in question (usually the estate agent). Global - Housing is not responsible either for any damage stemming directly or indirectly from the use of information gained from Global - Housing.


You indemnify Global - Housing from any damages resulting from claims of third parties concerning infringement or non-observation of the Conditions, or from claims that otherwise are related to or stem from your use of the website.


4. Privacy Policy

The Global Housing website is the property of Global Housing B.V.. The responsible handling of user information is of great importance to Global Housing.


4.1. Saving and processing information

To improve the use of the website, Global - Housing may save information in a file. Global - Housing uses this information to keep visitors of the website informed of interesting products and service offers, the products and services of other subsidiaries of Global - Housing and of the products and services of carefully selected companies. If Global - Housing wishes to make use of this, it shall always attempt to take preferences into consideration. If the Global - Housing visitor decides to offer his information through Global - Housing to a third party, Global - Housing is responsible in general terms for the manner in which this third party deals with this information.


Personal Data Protection Act

The Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, Wbp) provides rules for the protection of privacy of persons. The Act entered into force on 1 September 2001 and replaces the Personal Data Files Act (Wet persoonsregistraties, Wpr). The Act regulates how companies, authorities and institutions are to deal with personal data which they gather, store, keep on file, compare, link, consult or provide to third parties.


The Wbp does not apply to processing of data carried out as a purely personal or household activity.


The Privacy Act provides citizens with more rights. Citizens have the right to inspect or correct their data and they have the right to know what the data are used for. Citizens can also raise objections to the use of their data.


Organizations may only gather and process personal data if there is good reason to do so or if the person involved has personally given permission. Furthermore, organizations making use of personal data have in many cases the obligation to provide information. They have to inform the person involved who they are and what they (will) do with his/her information.


Companies, authorities and institutions must report the processing of personal data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (formerly the Registration Board) or to a personal-data protection official. A considerable number of data-processing forms are exempt from the above obligation. For existing forms of data processing there is a transition period of 1 year.


Guidelines for personal data processors

A manual (PDF, 66 pages, 388 kB) is available for organizations who process personal data.


This website only provides outlines of the new Privacy Act. You can also download the most relevant official documents, such as the wording of the Act and the Exemption Decree. You will also find links to important (international) organizations dealing with privacy, e.g. the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


More information

  • Guidelines for personal data processors 01-04-2001 | pdf-document, 0.40 MB
  • Dutch Data Protection Authority


4.2. Registration of your details

The personal details you enter during registration or pass on to Global - Housing (name, address, place of residence, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, make and type of mobile phone) will be entered into the customer administration of Global - Housing.


By leaving your application form search criteria on Global - Housing we will keep you informed of the available properties for rent on the Global - Housing website. Registering is totally free of any charge.


Global - Housing will inform connected offices of Global Housing or rental real estate brokers of your details as soon as they list a property that matches the preferences that were left by you. The broker will receive a message from Global - Housing mentioning the fact that he can contact you through the personal details you entered. The Global Housing office or real estate broker is not obliged to contact you.


Global - Housing will also inform you about the details of the broker by e-mail. Global - Housing will do this when a property is listed online and can be seen by every internet user. The property that matches your preferences will also be added to the listings on your personal page.


Global - Housing is responsible for the processing of your personal details. Global - Housing will use your personal details for the execution of the here above explained correspondence, for maintaining contacts with you, for the purpose of carrying out market research, setting up profiles of our customers and to inform you on new developments within our company and about our (new) products and services, which are within your area of interest.


4.3. Verification

Once every while Global - Housing will send you a request by e-mail to verify whether your personal page is still active. If you do not respond to this e-mail as stated and within the time mentioned in this e-mail, Global - Housing will assume that your page is no longer active and will automatically deactivate your personal page.


4.4. Your rights

You can object at any time to the use of your details for direct marketing purposes by means of sending an e-mail to info@globalhousing.nl . Your details, necessary for your registration, are stored as long as you have not made any objection against your registration with Global - Housing.


4.5. Security

Global - Housing wishes to secure your details in an as optimum manner as possible against unlawful use. At Global - Housing only authorized personnel has access to your details. The storage and forwarding of your details via the Internet is secured with the currently usual techniques. On a certain amount of pages of the Global - Housing website you can click through to other country websites of Global - Housing. The policies, which are applicable to these websites in regard to the processing and protection of personal details can deviate from the policies of Global - Housing. Global - Housing is not responsible for this and cannot be held liable in any manner.


4.6. Visitor information

The website keeps track of general visitor information, the most frequently requested pages and objects for example. The purpose of this is to improve the website, so that Global - Housing can continue to improve its service.


4.7. Modifications

Global - Housing retains the right to modify this Privacy Statement; regular re-reading of the Privacy Statement is advised.


5. Cookie Policy

In offering its electronic services, Global - Housing uses "cookies". Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer's hard drive so that we are able to recognize you when you return. These cookies are merely used to facilitate your use of the web site and sending you information about our company and our (new) products and services, which suit your interest. You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse receiving it. Be aware that in such event you may no longer be able to use all the possibilities of the site.


Our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy do not apply to personal information that you gather and process from or through other websites.


6. Unsolicited information

If you place on the website or send to Global - Housing by e-mail or other means unsolicited ideas and/or materials, including, but not limited to, texts, images, sounds, software or other information ("Materials"), Global - Housing will have the right to use, copy and/or exploit commercially in the broadest sense these materials, without being charged any fees, and Global - Housing will not be required to observe any secrecy regarding the Materials in question. You hereby indemnify Global - Housing from any damages and costs that Global - Housing may suffer or incur related to claims of third parties that the use and/or exploitation of the Materials is an infringement on (intellectual) (property) rights of third parties or is otherwise unlawful towards a third party.


7. Nullity

If these Conditions are or become partially nullified, parties remain bound to the remaining sections. Parties shall replace the nullified sections with provisions that are valid and for which the legal consequences, in keeping with the content and scope of these Conditions, coincide in as much as possible with that of the nullified section.


8. Other stipulations

Global - Housing retains the right to adapt or modify the Conditions unilaterally.


The Conditions come under Dutch law. All disputes between Global Housing and third parties stemming from the Conditions shall be brought before the competent court in Eindhoven.